Nutmeg TV - Public Access

Your Voice ~ Your Choice

Nutmeg TV's Public Channel

WATCH On-Demand! It's Your Voice ~ Your Choice and now at anytime and anywhere.

Look to the left at 'Today's Schedule'. If the word (View) is next to a program it is available for On-Demand viewing. Click (View) to watch.

Can't wait to watch something that is on next week, missed a show from last week or want to re-watch an episode?

No problem, here's how...

Under the white TV with green swirl at the top left of this page are the words:

Main, About, Schedule, Search, Watch Live.

Click the word Schedule and pick a date. As long as (View) appears next to the program it's On-Demand.

What if the program you want to watch doesn't have the word (View) next to it? Well, we're rolling this service out one step at a time and soon most of our programming will be available On-Demand.

We also invite you to watch Live by clicking the words Watch Live.

Remember, it's Your Voice ~ Your Choice and now anytime, anywhere with On-Demand!

Email Us with questions or comments; we'd love to hear from you!